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The company sets administrative human resource center, technology center, procurement, engineering service center, marketing center, financial center key functions, such as management system and operation process has passed ISO9000 international quality management system certification and construction industries ISO50430 system certification. The company strive to perfect service system, advanced management and strong technical force, adhere to the principle of "sincere dedication, perfection", to provide one-s integrated solutions and services to our customers.
Company has achieved national construction committee, the supervision and administration of production safety and technical supervision issued by the national departments related qualifications, in future development, the company will continue to pursue the best design scheme, the optimal project quality and perfect after-sales service, efforts will company-澳门威尼斯vns5533
Air conditioning and excellent enterprise certificate
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The company's headquarters
Address: teda huanghai road 98 Ⅱ area C door 1 6 layers
Zip code: 300457
Telephone: 022-25329392/25323372
Fax: 022-25321837

Marketing center
Address: tianjin hexi district of tianjin bay 719 C
Zip code: 300210
Telephone: 022-88269938/88269802
Fax: 022-88269883

Tianjin rare offices
Address: tianjin wu qing jun mansion, room 1001, block A
Zip code: 301700
Telephone: 022-59626552

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